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The price of email marketing is definitely coming down and there are some highly responsive email lists that can be rented or purchased with heretofore unimaginable economy and scale. Even some of the most exclusive lists on the market are amenable to repeat usage at single use pricing for new renters.

If you search for lists on google it is still possible to hook up with some unreliable sources. If your willing to do your own research you can get a free two week trial with Lead411.

Lead411 was founded in 2001 and has grown 30% yearly since inception without accepting venture capital financing. They have some very good Business to Business lists that you can down load for a monthly subscription or you can do targeted advanced searches by title, industry and geography for free. You will need to copy and paste to spreadsheet program.

These cheap lists are impossible to quantify to industry standards. for things like:

1. Are these respondents?

2. Where did the list come from?

3. How often is the list being used?

4. Who is renting the list besides me?

5. Can I resend to the same audience?

6. Do I know how many were delivered?

7. What is the opt-out rate for this deployment?

8. Can I suppress my current customers for this offer?

9. Are there sufficient demographics to understand my responses?

10. Am I enhancing my brand identity when promoting to this audience?

These are some of the criteria that direct marketers need to understand their responses and replicate good results. For those companies that need to plan for the future and build a direct marketing strategy based on reality metrics, these lists are not the answer. You get what you pay for so if you want lists with impressive responsive track records you will need to pay the price.

Using Google to Find Business Titles and Industries

What price is considered cheap?

Cheap is not just a price but a set of standards to which good brokers adhere. You cannot always answer all of the ten questions above with every list but you should be able to ask and get satisfactory answers to the majority of these.

Reliable email lists can be rented from $35 per thousand to $1000 per thousand addresses deployed, depending on degree of specialization and quantity of target audience.

For more information on finding e-mail lists at attractive prices call me at 1 (888) 889-0552

Service Description

Let me use my research methods that have been proven to work, implementation know-how, and optimization expertise to boost your company’s marketing ROI and sales performance.

Email address: Email: Tim G. Little

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