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The top 10 Apps was submitted by Molly Cunningham my guest blooger..

I included a YouTube demonstration since the Editors at CNET rate Evernote as the app of the year in 2009 “Evernote goes beyond its architecture and is also interesting. It’s a true three-platform play: it works very well, and somewhat differently, on desktop computers, mobile phones, and over the Web.”

Top 10 Apps for Marketing Professionals

1. Surveyor – Although there are many market research and survey apps out there, this one is constantly rated as one of the best. You can create a survey from a number of different formats. Participants access the survey with a 4-digit participation code from wherever they are, which means that you’re more likely to receive responses. You can view the results in real time and filter them by date or person. Although the app is free, you must purchase credits to administer a survey. (Free)

2. EverNote – Although this app is not specifically designed for business professionals, it will change how you do business. Record notes in text, audio, or photo formats in an instant so that you don’t forget a new contact name or notes from a meeting. Evernote syncs your information up with your computer so that you can access it when you get back to the office. (Free)

3. Encamp – Those who are familiar with the Basecamp software will find this app to be a breeze. It does all the same things as a Basecamp account – you can create accounts for employees, assign tasks, and manage all aspects of a project. This app is generally preferred over other Basecamp apps because of its similarity to the original software. ($9.99)

4. Hootsuite – Monitor all of your company’s social media outlets with this management tool. Update profiles or statuses, track stats, and search keywords so that you can stay on top of your social network.

5. Mindjet – This app is perfect for visual thinkers. Map out your ideas, tasks, and notes into visual maps to help you organize and manage all of your marketing priorities. Your maps can even be synchronized to DropBox so that you can access them from anywhere. (Free)

6. Analytics Pro – If you already work with Google Analytics, this app allows you to review accounts, reports, statistics and graphs while you’re on the go. Data is presented in a useful way so that you can quickly find the information that you need. ($5.99)

7. Creative Whack Pack – We all have those moments when we struggle for inspiration. This app provides 84 creativity strategies based on Roger van Oech’s bestselling card deck of the same name. Stimulate your brain by thinking about what you’re doing in a new way. From finding new information to generating new ideas, this app will help you put ideas into action. ($1.99)

8. Things – Organize all those To-Do lists you have in one easy app. You can organize tasks by priority and due date, as well as group tasks related to a single project. The app even keeps track of your old To-Dos in case you need to access them later. ($9.99)

9. Dragon Dictation – This app is a favorite among busy professionals. It uses sophisticated voice recognition software to turn what you say into text or email messages. You can even speak updates for Facebook and Twitter. It claims to be up to five times faster than typing, which will certainly save you time in your busy schedule. (Free)

10. Keynote – Make elegant presentations right from your mobile device. This is perfect for making last-minute edits or reviewing your presentation before a meeting. Keynote easily integrates with PowerPoint software so that you can import presentations you create on a computer. ($9.99)

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This article was submitted by Molly Cunningham. She has been in business her whole life and owns the site Business Administration Degree.

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