“The Secrets to Success” Direct Marketing Ideas

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The Secret to Success Is In The Details….

The ability to integrate, initiate and synthesize any concept or idea into your company on a constant and continuous bases. This would involve only an hour a week spent improving your business and recording measurable improvements each week.

Involve Your Staff

You need a step by step process exploring all the ways to make any and all areas better, smarter and faster than before. Next turn these ideas into procedures and policies. You than manage these activities to make sure they are implemented.

Look at your competitive edge this would be the one item that sets you apart from all of your competitors and look at ways to for continuous and incremental improvement.

You need to market a little better and manage a little better and all of this working on improving your most competitive assets will result in a higher level of result than any other activity that you can do in your business. If you have a staff you must involve them in this activity and make them accountable.


You need a marketing plan and set goals write down you financial plans as far as revenue you would like to be at three years from now and under that write personal income you would like to be drawing from the business.

Write down how many hours per week you would like to work and how many weeks vacation you would like to take. Next…. you need to get everyone involved in setting positive goals and solving problems.

Companies in trouble focus their energy on problems rather than solutions. Focus on on solutions not problems.


One of the reasons MacDonald’s is one of the most successful franchises in the world is because of policies and procedures. The turnover rate is 200% per year and they operate exactly the same from Harlem to Beverly Hills because there is no one that does the procedures down to the letter.

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by Tim Little,                                                                                                                      Biography

After earning my business degree 30 years ago, I was involved in strategic planning, brand management, corporate identity management, e-commerce, Web site management, direct marketing, advertising, corporate communications, financial database marketing and direct response analysis. I lost a cushy database marketing job 10 years with a major life insurance company because I refused to uproot my wife and I to Denver, Colorado.

I have always believed that you need to make the most from the resources that you already have. The articulation of a marketing plan and researching your competitive advantage with strategic database marketing techniques is something I can help you with call me at 313-268-9951 for free consultation or email at timglittle@charter.net

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