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According to the International Housewares Association State of the industry report, US consumers spend nearly $75 billion on housewares products in 2008.

From statistics gathered from 2009 and 2010 the outlook seems even more optimistic…

The current economy has consumers staying home more and they are looking for ways to simplify their lives. The other added benefits is organizing their home and living healthier.

Most businesses in the housewares market are seeing business going up rather than down like most. The first business to recover the recession will be the housewares market.

Consumers stay home when the economy goes bad and many of the activities that use to be done outside the home are now done inside the home.

More coffee is being consumed in the house and consumers are baking more and meals are being prepared more than two years ago.

The Three Hot Segments within Housewares…

  • Cook and bake-ware
  • Kitchen tools and accessories
  • Table top

Consumers don’t have as much money as before and everyone is staying home and doing things themselves. New trends of fixing up the house and bonding with the kids.

Direct response marketers are gaining greater share of sales online and through e-mail. Direct-to-consumer housewares sales continue to surpass niche players.

According to the International Housewares Association houewares products have gained market share rising from 23% in 2008 to 26% in 2009 closely followed by fragmented group of housewares including home improvements, craft and hobby.

Consumers must see the value…

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In housewares its important that marketers give consumers a high perceived value to their customers. The lower priced items will sell better than the higher prices ones.

Consumers don’t have the discretionary funds they use to have. With a great product, strong message and product demonstration should be part of your housewares campaign.

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