Why is Email marketing effective?

Because it allows you to send a direct personalized relevant message to an individual right when it can have the most effect.

CLICKback Prospector provides you with the opportunity to deliver your message to the right person. But even more importantly, it helps you to learn and understand what motivates your customers and what causes them to act.

Through our Email Marketing Intelligence Technology, (EMIT) not only can you track how your customers react to specific words and offers; you can also track that information over multiple campaigns giving you a complete customer profile based on behavior.

Add that to our Advanced A/B/n Multivariate Testing platform and you’ll be able to optimize your campaigns to the best performing content. This means your messages are even more targeted, relevant and effective.

                        Email Marketing Is Still The Best Choice

  • Track open and click through rates – and most importantly track your customer’s interests based on how they interact with the emails you send them
  • Track how customers react to specific words over multiple campaigns thus allowing you to create even more relevant messaging
  • Have customers automatically added into a drip marketing campaign when a trigger action is set and deliver a series of messages in complete automation
  • Optimize email message content including an infinite number of subject lines, messages, sending dates and times to ensure you are sending the most effective campaigns.

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Lead Score Reports

Inbound marketing doesn’t always do it. Our lead score reports will help identify leads that are interested yet haven’t found their way into your sales funnel.

Other Services

We provide email prospecting, permission pass, and list verification services. Our feature-rich software also includes:

  • Drip marketing
  • Behavioral and interest segmentation
  • Mobile & social media integration
  • Lead score reports
  • CRM integration with Salesforce or customizable API

Let us show you how we can maximize sales effectiveness and ROI. Sign-up for a free demo, today and start sending email marketing to purchased lists. Or give me a call today at 1 (888) 889-0552 Toll Free!

1 (888) 889-0552 Toll Free!

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