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New technologies allows direct marketers to dig deeper…

than ever before to find the elusive list.

Database marketing use to be about pulling a list from a customer or subscriber for a consumer or business to business promotion. Direct marketing usually worked quite well back then but today’s state-of-the-art technology can reach far beyond the old preferences.

Today’s database marketing

…is evolving into something with a multiplicity of new channels and behavioral analytics, segmentation and precise overlays.

Database marketing today is about refining the sales process and list building. This may involve feeding a marketing database into a on demand cloud computing platform that feeds into a CRM prospect list that is appended and enriched with Internet search engines for prospect list titles and e-mails.

Database segmentation

Database segmentation will be one of the biggest trends in modern day list building. Some people have a natural feel for the type of list that they need for a marketing promotion. Many marketers use analytics to find the correct segments when building their lists.

Database segmentation is relying less on age, gender and location and more on segment hoping or moving from one category to another or hopping segments. These are more dependent on society or anthropology and looking at data in a different way.

The ability to monitor or measure customer interactions on websites at a much deeper level, behavioral information can outperform lists any day. Never before in history have we ever been able to customer behaviors on Websites at such a deep level.

We are at the place where it is possible to pull data on profiles and transactional data but also on behavioral information and behavioral information is being uncovered by social media, but the effectiveness of social media hasn’t been proven yet.

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