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Anyone that has been successful at growing their business will tell you that you must have a written plan to succeed and grow. The annual marketing plan will help you to establish goals, set objectives and define your position and Unique Selling Proposition.

The written marketing plan will set goals, objectives and direct marketing strategy for capturing marketing share from your competition.

* Define why your customers should buy from you and not your competition?
* Survey staff and ask them why they think is unique about your business and why customers buy from you.
* Research your competitors and discover their weakness and strength and adjust position your USP for their obvious flaws
* Survey a random sample of 100 of your past or present customers and ask why they most like about you, ask them to describe your strongest benefits.

Your marketing plan is something you can take to the bank in more ways than one. With 2010 quickly approaching now is the time to write your annual marketing plan with marketing staff.

Marketing List Broker can help you with strategic strategy for gaining marketing share from competition without spending more money on advertising.Palo Alto and Marketing Plan Pro Software is one of the few American, award winning developers left and they offer free sample downloads and a 90 day money back guarantee. I used their 6.1 version for over 5 years and loved it because it’s fast, easy and saved many of my past clients and employers a lot of money.

What’s great is Marketing Plan pro, version 11.0 is light years ahead of the older version that I used because it allows you to develop a sustainable marketing advantage and helps you identify and:

  • Define your ideal customer by analyzing your core customers
  • Helps you to articulate your marketing message without copy writers
  • Get started in 30 minutes or less
  • It will help you through the critical analysis stages
  • Increase productivity and cut your marketing planning in half
  • Allow the software to do the hard work for you guaranteed

What’s great about Marketing Plan Pro is that it is recommended by all of the experts like Forbes, Business Week and Entrepreneur magazine to name a few see reviews…Free sample downloads and Video demonstrations….

Break into the top 10% of marketers next year with an articulated and sustainable unique advantage over your competition.

For free consultation or email at timglittle@charter.net

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