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Want to get a head up on your competition this year develop and effective Unique Selling Proposition and build it into your 2011 Marketing Plan.

Take a little time to plan out your marketing now because you don’t have a lot of time left

What can you do this week to add one more tool to your marketing toolbox? Better yet, what can you do today?

Think of some new search engine strategies get involved in the new Facebook advertising pay-per-click

Get your postcard campaign designed and ready to mail? Check out some of the samples at 1800Postcards.com

How about calling 10 leads and getting appointments lined up?

These are just a few things that can be completed in a few hours at most that you can do to get the ball rolling NOW instead of waiting until January to move forward with marketing your business. The following links includes some free samples of marketing plans that you can use in 2011 Free Marketing Plan samples.

First, many businesses have budgets they need to spend before the end of the year or they won’t get that money next year.

Breaking Into The top 10%

Let 2011 be the year that you dominate the competition with more customers, greater frequency of purchases, and a larger dollar amount of customer purchase with your marketing plan in hand.

Learn more about Marketing Plan Pro. Palo Alto and Marketing Plan Pro Software is one of the few American, award winning developers left and they offer free sample downloads and a 90 day money back guarantee.

I used their 6.1 version for over 5 years and loved it because it’s fast, easy, and saved many of my past clients and employers a lot of money. What’s great is Marketing Plan pro, version 11.0 is light years ahead of the older version that I used because it allows you to develop a sustainable marketing advantage and helps you identify and:

The goal is to start the new habit now BEFORE the end of the year. By just adding one new marketing tool to your business now, you are getting a head start and can do that much more come January.

While you’re competition is sitting back and sipping eggnog, you’ll be running circles around them and getting that head start to make the new year the best year ever!

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