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Welcome to Tim G. Little’s Marketing List Broker Web site.

While the economy had a devastating effect on the direct marketing industry this year, reports based on online surveys of business to business marketers found that nearly 40% plan to increase spending next year.

The biggest gains for 2010 will be online, while many marketers will spend more money on a lower-cost, more measurable medium. Direct marketing and events spending will rise. Online services with the largest projected gains will be Web site development, email marketing, list purchasing, online video, and podcasts.

You must understand your customer base with direct response testing and analyze to find out how they want to receive their information. Next, develop a marketing plan and program that will maximize that communicative source with testing and analysis.

Customer acquisition was cited as the top marketing goal for 2010 and marketers will use a diverse group of campaigns to attract new customers.

Getting back to the basics using highly targeted direct mail to break through all of the clutter maybe a good thing to test.

Getting smarter about measuring return on investment and employing methods that make marketing more effective would be a good start.

Wasting money running after social media and non-measurable advertising opportunities can waste time and focus. Develop methods that are measurable and productive expense projects makes much more sense in today’s very competitive marketing environment.
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