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Virtual Events are becoming essential for event marketers

since the economy was the driver to escalate virtual. Marketers are looking to expand their ROI. The Internet is having a huge impact on every type of business including direct marketing but no where is that more evident than in the events marketing area.

The latest trends are expanding the length of each event. The reason for this trend is because of the economy and the need for event planners to extend the reach (the prospects) a long with producing quality leads.

Making these seminars available 365 days per year on Website, there for attendees can attend during a time that fits better for them. The shows are constantly available and attendees can nurture relationships and create evangelists for their products or services.

Constantly updating the virtual environment and providing new material on a regular basis is the marketing pull. The new information gives people a reason to keep coming back to your Website.

They can come back and spend some time on your site to get the message. This will build the retention of your customers and increase the lifetime value since the selling cycle is continual.

You need to have lots of new content and do some webcasts roudtables going on so there will always be something going on.

Measuring the lead results

You learn more about the attendees and what their doing as far as interests and goes beyond address information and e-mail. The fact is that users spend much more time engaged with the company they are online. The tracking you can do is well beyond anything you can do at a live event. With views of video, document downloads, and you can even go much deeper into the logs.

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