Secrets to List Selection – How Not to Fail

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Nearly 50% of the success of your direct marketing program rests on your list selection.

With over 60,000 lists on the market it’s easy to feel overwhelmed. You must decide which lists will deliver your message to your target customer.

Whether it’s a segment of your internal list that you collected from customers when they purchased online or an external list, the list you use for direct mail, email or telemarketing is critical. This lists represents the universe of people to whom you are going to present your offer.

Is your offer relevant to the people you present it to?

You need to ensure that the list is composed of your target audience before developing your campaign. This is why that nearly 50% of the success of your direct marketing campaign depends on your list selection.

The offer

The offer is almost as important as the list and of course, your product, solution or service must be useful, timely and priced appropriately for your target market.

Remember that the right list and the right offer will generate responses even if the creative is poor..

The creative needs to express your offer in a clear and compelling manner that will gain the attention of your target audience but if you get the offer and list wrong than your certain failure.

There three types of lists:

  • Internal Customer/Prospect Database
  • External Response Lists
  • External Compiled Lists

Your customer database either contains active or inactive customers and is going to perform better than any external list that you could ever purchase. Your database is evolving and changing and constantly eroding active customers unless you are constantly renewing, up-selling and cross-selling like a magazine publishing or membership sites.

Response lists

These are people that have taken action to get on the list like paid magazine subscribers or active membership sites. These could be special interest and respond well to direct mail offers that serve their niche. These lists will generate the highest response rates since the synergy or relevance is there.

Compiled lists

Come from public records with specific demographics like women over 50 that battled with breast cancer. These lists tend to perform the worst and maybe the hardest to convert.
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