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If you are a publisher or direct marketing company with an ongoing requirement for high quality and fresh mail lists with which to service your clients than be sure to shop around. If your looking for business to business and international lists look no further than B2B data group

Business to Business lists

Suitable for your lead generation and appointment setting needs, B2B data group telephone lists are always fit for purpose and highly responsive.

With no Mailing Preference Service for business addresses, a mailing list may target all twenty million plus business trading entities. Direct mail data comes complete with the full postal contact details as well as a senior contact name on all bar about 2% of records.

B2B data group mailing lists are perfect for a telephone follow-up call. All data is supplied with both the full mailing addresses and the phone number where available.

This ensures that the database is also suitable as a telemarketing list to follow up prospect letters with a call. There are approximately 25,000 branch managers within the targeted mailing list universe.

Getting the right contact name (decision maker) is crucial for all marketing, so your business mailing lists should take this particular job title into account when running data counts and sourcing the ultimate b2b mailing list.

B2B data groupcan cross-tabulate industry classifications by employee bands when running a Universe prospect list records for you.

This enables an holistic view of the bulk email list and the power to select the cells of interest. i.e., industry types by their corresponding company sizes. Of particular relevance to telephone marketing campaigns, the website address is supplied as standard within the business lists.

Tele-Marketing Lists

This helps the telemarketers to sense-check any websites when calling through the mailinglist, and also to aid verification of the spelling of any email addresses gathered during the campaign. Unless there is already a relationship with the business, prospects matching the Corporate Telephone Preference Service (CTPS) should not be telephoned.

With the postal contact details provided with every record, mailing lists are delivered in a format ready for mail-merging. mailing list brokers may be marketed to multiple times to maximise your return on investment with the prospect database.

Contact names are provided where available, ensuring you have an addressee for the mailings.
Great Ideas for Your Direct Mail Campaign

B2B data group data is ideally suited to telemarketing. The two main applications for a telephone list are sales-driven appointment-setting and data enhancement. Typical enhancements include gap-filling with sales opportunity data fields, such as existing contract renewal dates and current annual spend.

This process is also used to verify correct decision-maker names, direct dials and email addresses. B2B mailing lists are accompanies with the business classification on every record. There are approximately 2,000 different classifications which may be used to select the right business list, or applied as a list of industries for exclusion. SIC codes (Standard Industry Classifications) may be used as an alternative selection method if desired.

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