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What’s The Conversion Rate On Your Website?

If you are testing some new lists, you will need to determine if they perform better than the old list that you acquired.  This is direct marketing basics and without testing you will never know how to improve the results of your control package.(old campaign)

When you measure something you express it in numbers like an Excel spreadsheet. The return on investment (ROI) are all front end expenses for example list costs, campaign, printing and postage costs minus revenue generated, how many units sold.

The difference between these two amounts is ROI, after you calculate how many units were sold divided by numbers of addresses mailed/emailed is your response rate. The response rate for direct mail can be ten times higher that e-mail, and the return on investment could be greater. This is why you analyze these campaigns.

Web metrics provided by your hosting company or your Website dashboard will give great insight into your prospect conversion rate. This is very much the same way you would analyze the success of your direct mail campaigns in traditional direct response campaigns.

Today’s most successful Web sites are the online equal to direct response advertising. They have special marketing objectives and business goals and their performance can be accurately measured.

Measuring your Web site analytic will help you to determine if your are producing a ROI and if your achieving your desired goal outlined in your annual marketing plans. You can also purchase analytic software to determine if your Web site needs to be improved or changed or if the content or graphics need to be adjusted or changed to improve visitor conversion rates.

In your analysis always plan and set goals and objectives and constantly try to improve your results with the annual marketing plans

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