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Trying to determine the best offer to improve e-mail response has never been easy for marketers.
They question how much they should give, if a percentage off works better than a flat fee; or whether giving a discount or coupon trains customers to expect similar deals via e-mail.

Speaking as an e-mail subscriber, I appreciate a good offer.  this can best be determined with segmented testing when possible.
Thes best way to test email open rates is to only change one small element and test with an A/B split randomly.

Sort out into two seperate files of equal size, with similar elements.

For a consumer, this is the best of two worlds. He or she gets a discount, and a flat $25 off of that marked-down price. Even if I am not in the mood to shop.
Most people would feel obligated if the offer is good. Inside the e-mail, there is a coupon for 20% off a $250-to-$499 online or in-store purchase, and 30% off a purchase over $500 — plus, of course, the $25 off. Give a deadline to respond to this once in a lifetime offer of less than 3 days.

Its subject line is

Two days left: Save an extra 20% at REI-Outlet‏.” The message works because it has a good offer — an extra
20% off already discounted items. It is also timely and compels the consumer to act now, because there are only two days left.
Both e-mails are excellent examples of how a marketer can use offers and timeliness in subject lines to move inventory and drive sales.

Until next time, here is to your continued success!


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Tim G. Little has a BS in Business Administration, and has worked in the magazine publication and circulation management for the past 20 years. As an Internet Publisher and Entrepreneur, he has developed a website to help small business entrepreneurs find the best mailing list and marketing programs ps: I would like to recommend a tool to you to help find Boost Sales… Gain Market Share.. . With Focused List Selection, Tips and Tools for Finding the Perfect List. Once you e-mail segments, track how they differently they react to messaging options. 

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