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Sometimes the only way to find your marketing assets is by defining your marketing liabilities and then turn your liabilities into assets.

When you write your annual marketing plan for 2010 you’ll need to set some marketing objectives in measurable terms, like your conversion ratios for converting Website visitors into sales. You need to determine your return on investment and define acceptable conversion rates. Find the assets that can be improved

  • Look at declining sales revenues from your sales people
  • Look for ways to improve inquiries from customers with better follow-up
  • Look for up-selling and cross-selling opportunities and ways to increase the dollar sales amount
  • Look at closing ratio’s of sales staff per appointments/sales and ways to improve them.
  • Look at past customers and ways to follow-up with in-actives
  • Look at acquiring new prospects by analyzing the profiles of you top 10% clients and clone the best demographic criteria like age, where they are from and past buying habits

These are your marketing assets that can be improved in measurable terms using ratio’s to determine your progress.

With analysis you can spot the lowest hanging fruit and the best opportunities for example you could improve your Website conversion with better copy, a headline, an offer with a time limitation. With testimonials and guarantees, The only way to know for sure is by testing one of these elements at a time and study the ratio’s.

You improve you sales conversion with better training and closer supervision of the lowest sales performers. You improve customer follow-up of  inactive customers with better systems for more touch points by mail, email or phone follow-up.

The articulation of your uniqueness in your marketing efforts will help you to improve the ratio’s of your current marketing assets.

Knowing how to promote a successful Webinar or online seminar is one
of the best ways to generate highly qualified sales leads or educate and up sell existing customers. You not only send e-mail invitation to current customers asking for referrals but you also invite prospective customers through targeted e-mail lists.

When you write your marketing plan be sure to:

Define objectives
It sounds obvious, but you really need to think about what you are trying to do with a Webinar, so that you can measure your success and ROI after the fact. Is your marketing objective;

  • To acquire leads and bring in new sales?
  • To educate existing customers on a new product/service?
  • To obtain research or feedback on an existing offer?

If you are looking to acquire leads, one effective approach is to focus on third party opt-in email list rentals. If you are increasing awareness of a new product or doing research among existing customers, then conducting a permission-based internal email campaign could be the most efficient use of your resources. Free demonstration and trial use: 2009 Inc. 500 Winner Discover Why was voted The #1 Video & Web Conferencing Company on the 2009 Inc 500 List!

Please feel free to call or emial if you have specific questions with finding your marketing assets.


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