The Future of the Email Marketing Campaign

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Spending on email, social, mobile and search marketing will continue to grow at a compound rate anywhere from eleven percent to twenty percent over the next five years.

Analysis with Web analytics is also experiencing high growth as marketers clamor to better understand their customers behavior and leverage this data in their retention remarketing efforts.

With such fast paced growth and new best practices that emerge everyday, it is becoming increasingly difficult for
marketers to understand which vendor segments are best at managing their marketing efforts in a big way.

Responsibilities within the organization are constantly changing. This reshaping of the marketing buying center is being driven by the following market conditions:

– Emerging marketing channels lack dedicated champions and when they do exist they change rapidly. Today’s marketer is either a jack of all trades and a master of none or they are siloed in discreet functional areas such as email.

Include emerging social and mobile marketing channels and the once dedicated email marketing specialist is often tasked with managing marketing campaigns across a variety of disparate channels.

to do too much in a non-integrated way leaving these functional champions at a loss to optimize cross-channel initiatives that are not integrated. Even in the largest enterprises that have more labor resource than middle market companies, roles and responsibilities can shift often.

Just in the last six months email marketing vendors have acquired or merged with social marketing solutions, digital asset vendors have extended their reach into the web-analytics marketplace, and offline direct marketing firms have augmented their data businesses by exploiting newer digital marketing components.

– Acquisition: The ability to measure the effectiveness of a marketer’s acquisition tactics and take the appropriate follow-on action will depend on the timeliness and quality of the acquisition source and the data that is being generated from it.
Whether it is evaluating search engine spending in terms of its ability to grow list size, implementing social marketing acquisition tactics, or qualifying business prospects in a sales force.

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