Six Items “Direct Marketing Email List” Must Include

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Building Relationships…

Connecting with e-mail subscribers by providing excellent service, relevant and timely information that aids their buying processes and creates affinity.

To serve your email subscribers effectively, you must become attentive to their needs.

And one of the smartest things you can do to meet their needs is create a preferred customer benefit landing page where you can direct your best susbcribers to that will identify their needs and interests by telling you what offers and preferences are.

Armed with this knowledge and equipped with the right email communications software, you’re now prepared to “serve” your subscribers by delivering personalized email content bases on the preferecnes they told you that they want to receive.

What makes a good subscriber preference page?

These are some examples:

  • Keep your survey or questions requests to a minimum. Ask only for the information that’ll be used to deliver content and offers relevant to subscribers’ needs.
  • People are busy and don’t have the time or desire to answer questions
  • unless they see a clear benefit.
  • Explain the reason you need this information or how it will benefit them.
  • Most consumers and business professionals are very sensitive when it comes to providing information about themselves or their companies. Explain how their information will be used.
  • Guarantee confidentiality and privacy. This is boilerplate material subscribers want to know that the information they provide you will be kept private. They need to know they can trust you to keep their information confidential and not share it or sell it to a third party. Be clear that you will protect their privacy
  • Simplify the data capture form. Design your data collection form for ease of use. Simple click with a clear benefit like a free download that is relevant to their needs.
  • Promote the simple landing page on your Website and in emails or any other correpondence you email. The welcome email is the most important email you’ll send because it sets the tone for your relationship with subscribers.
  • Keep up to date with your subscribers’ needs. Over time, consumers’ information needs to be updated. At least once a year, send an email specifically to invite subscribers to update their preferences.

This lets subscribers know you care — and
keeps them engaged.
Until next time, here is to your continued success!


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