Personalized E-mail Is Most Effective Campaign Method

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Companies increase marketing results by generating individual message!

Home improvement companies sending personalized e-mail to customers who visited their site are leading the industry. These customers would often add items to their shopping carts to increase purchase amount according to an e-commerce home improvement site.

Personalized e-mail to customers who had visited the site had increased the response rates These mailing were targeted towards customers that abandoned their shopping carts while shopping. E-mails tailored towards brings  9,800% more revenue compare to its standard promotional marketing e-mails.

This e-mail is sent a couple of days later, as a service reminder it is personalized to what the customer was doing, you want to be relevant to the customer and provide them with information that is on their mind while shopping online.

This is about the ability to create more relevant and targeted emails to customers who opted in to its mailing list. Personalization is the method used to make your campaigns more relevant and responsive. Tests have shown 5000% increase in response using these methods.

E-mail volume is growing…

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over the past couple of years and is expected to grow even more quickly to more marketers execute e-mail campaigns.  The old school one size fits all no longer works. When you personalize e-mail you get a much higher percentage of open rates.

Using customer purchase behavior or browsing activity to personalize email and address over saturation in the marketplace.

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