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There are several different ways for a business owner to build their list.

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To build a list of buyers only, simply change the header information on your cash register receipt and your credit card terminal (you can call your credit card company and company that prints your receipts and simply ask them to include your Website address) and put their new website on the receipt.

It should say something like this: “For preferred customer discounts and coupons go to their” Just about everybody looks at their receipt.

Everybody also wants to be a preferred customer or get discounts, so a large percentage will sign up on your site. You can e-mail your customer file and prospective file.

Since they have a receipt they bought something! Since, this is the most responsive group that you could ever e-mail because they have purchased from you and there is a synergy or relationship that you started.

How to Cut Your Ad Budget in Half and Raise Profits Simultaneously
You can spend some time here but once they grasp this concept, it’s instant. If you can cut your advertising budget in half simply by using emails to advertise to their buyers list instead of spending 3 to 4000 for a full page ad in the yellow pages.

You can actually cut down on much of your advertising other than low cost or free methods on the Internet.

How to Add an Auto Responder Form to an Existing Site

If  you have an existing web site and no lead capture mechanism they can add one to their current site. There are two ways to do this. The first way is a static inline form. The second method is a light box form that does not interfere with the layout of their current site. This is really simple to do.

Refer to Aweber tutorials for to learn how to do this.

Starting Your Site From Scratch

If you don’t have an existing site, you absolutely need to get one.

Approximately 12,000 people a day are joining the Internet for the first time! Internet spending increases by over 300% every single year. If you’re not on the Internet, it’s costing you thousands.

Over 90% of small business owners currently only have a static Website without a direct marketing capture mechanism.

What this means is that there is no lead capture mechanism in place to take advantage of any traffic that is driven to the site. Most businesses have an informational website only. Which means that it’s not making any money no matter how much traffic you drive to it.

Explaining Re-direct for Lead Capture

Aweber also has an automated re-direct built into their thank you page. As soon as the prospect fills out the form, they are instantly re-directed to the page of choice.

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E-mail Campaigns and Content
A good auto responder system will allow you to set up all of your sales campaigns as far in advance as you wish. If you know what sales you’re going to have quarterly, you can load them all and let them go out automatically timed by you!

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Once you e-mail segments, track how they differently they react to messaging options. buy mailing lists Guaranteed Business Information

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