How to Run a Dynamic Email Campaign

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Actual case study using Discount Beauty Center

When building an online direct response lead generation machine you must first discover a product that appeals to a large group of consumers.

Like a Discount Beauty Center, an online supplier of cosmetics, fragrances and hair care products, wanted to find a way to build relationships and consumer loyalty after determining that 88% of its 100,000 customer base are first-time customers.

The Strategy or the main Challenge…Was re-engagement online

The rules of the Web:

There is not a lot of loyalty on the Web, Most people just Google what they want and the businesses with the best organic placement or the best price gets those customers.


Take your client customer data and determined which products were in the highest demand.

For example:  you may find that hair dryers and flat irons had a high reorder rate as did staples like shampoo and conditioner. Additionally, it found a significant” b-to-b population on its list made up of hair and beauty professionals

Segmenting by ROI is the key.

It focused on sending less e-mails, but placing an emphasis on those with a higher ROI, such as those with a“reorder” reminder. Its initial approach, beginning in April, provided a discount of $5 off a purchase of $25 and up.

It produced about a 6% click-through rate and a 22% open rate. Two days later it resent that same message to individuals who had not opened the message but with a new subject line, resulting in a 4.6% click-through rate and a 17% open rate.

It followed up with an additional campaign offering a 10% discount off an entire order. That resulted in a 3.3% click-through rate and a 14% open rate. “The first two campaigns have been more effective from the click through
and open rates,” he says.


The campaign has yielded 74 conversions from 483 click-throughs to date. The first campaign received 34 orders at $1,494. The second campaign received 40 orders, at $3,708. “We had 74 orders divided by 483 clicks which gives us a conversion rate of 15.3%, which is pretty astonishingly good,” says Kramer.DYMO Label Writer Twin Turbo The perfect printer for any small business! See why people rave about this direct mail marketing printer and why you can’t survive without it!

The company expects to continue to run the program for a year, and Eisenberg says he’s pleased with the results due to “the low cost and high benefit.

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Tim G. Little has a BS in Business Administration, and has worked in the magazine publication and circulation management for the past 20 years. As an Internet Publisher and Entrepreneur, he has developed a website to help small business entrepreneurs find the best mailing list and marketing programs ps: I would like to recommend a tool to you to help find Boost Sales… Gain Market Share.. . With Focused List Selection, Tips and Tools for Finding the Perfect List. Once you e-mail segments, track how they differently they react to messaging options. 

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3 Comments on How to Run a Dynamic Email Campaign

  1. John M. White on Wed, 6th Oct 2010 4:21 pm
  2. Tim:

    Do you use a backend offer on your email campaigns?

    I wonder what effect offering a backend sale has on the CTR?


  3. Tim on Fri, 8th Oct 2010 3:36 pm
  4. John: I think any direct marketer can tell you that seldom do mailers break-even in acquisition campaigns the money is always in the back-end. The back end is a profit center and opportunity to up-sell and cross-sell.

    This is common with magazines and newspapers they give you 4 weeks free and lose money from the acquisition. Backend offers have great effects on ROI or CTR or any measurement of profit, since the money is in the back-end. This is why you collect customer information (preferences) after the first sale, so you can sell again and again. Tim Little, publisher

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