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Experian Marketing Services reported…

that marketers that sent an e-mail to website visitors who had abandoned shopping carts had 20 times the transactions rates per revenue compared to standard bulk mailings.

The importance of follow up

This same report also mentioned that marketers saw double the open rates and quadruple the click-trough rates of most other e-mail campaigns. Testing these findings in your own e-mail Website campaigns will prove the effectiveness.

Not following up with these hot and recent website visitors is like leaving money on the table or not completing the sales cycle.

The lesson from this is target people when they are ready to buy and they’re more likely to actually do so.

Strategy of most life cycle marketing

By targeting your e-mail messages based on where the recipient is in the sales cycle, you should see bigger responses and more satisfied customers and more retention and repurchases over the long run.

Business to business marketers have a good hold on acquisition but as the length of the sales cycle grows more people become involved in the buying decision.

Because of the poor economy many business to business marketers have several people involved in the buying decision and because of this they need to fine tune their efforts.

Segmenting lists more carefully

in the beginning, sort out prospects to see which group to separate them into. Asking prospect each time represents a touch by inserting a poll into the message.

Prospects in the consideration stage need more nurturing and marketers need more metrics so the message can be quickly changed should the prospects actions change.
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