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E-mail marketing is gaining attention..

From direct marketers around the globe for it’s marketing value chain as companies seek to energize their approach and tap this often criticized channel to drive customer value while simultaneously lowering overall
marketing costs.

Driven in part by the recent economic downturn, firms are in a bind to leverage this very low cost channel, while rising above the tide of clutter and customer’s poor perceptions that they helped form with years of do not spam policies and mass blast image.

Like direct mail marketing

E-mail is now shaped by terms like A/B testing, multivariate testing, and rules engines, to name just a few.

Gone are the days of campaign management, list operations and more mundane aspects of the customer acquisition process.

E-mail service providers are leaving out the most critical element of relevancy:

Customer-based analytics.

Direct marketers are bundling capabilities…

To test different calls to action, creative elements, key message points and other components of e-mail that will drive response.

However, while these capabilities may be used to understand the click-through rate of one creative against another, or even across several variables through testing, they often treat the customer base as a whole.

With an estimated $200 billion of direct marketing spending it is that understanding a customer’s unique perspective, relationship status, and share of wallet are all critical factors in their decision to respond or open an e-mail.

Adoption of these long standing, one-to-one marketing principles are missing in many of the current leading email solutions or at best are difficult to manage or integrate.

Companies looking to drive e-mail relevance need to address several critical questions when considering outside vendors.

At what level can e-mail be

differentiated? When I provide unique offers/emails with varied content, how do I as a marketer get a handle on the distribution of these offers across my customer base? How do I see the offer mix before sending out company initiated e-mails?

In other words, if relevance and results are the primary objective, ensure that the lessons of traditional one-to-one marketers are at least embedded in the solutions of the future. If not, you may find that another significant investment and transition is just around the corner.

Until next time, here is to your continued success!


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