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This spring maybe the perfect time to tuneup your current (control)  e-mail design.

There are many elements to your design that you can test and improve with a new spring makeover. These include:

  • The pre-header the top of the email above the logo
  • Header and navigation contains header or unique selling proposition
  • E-mail width between 600 and 700 pixels wide
  • Call to action – always mention what action you want reader to take
  • Color palette – a pleasing design with standard color palette

The pre-header – should include a small message and could consist of a table of contents. You could include a link that leads the reader to your Website where they can read the entire story.

The header and navigation could include your unique selling proposition and what sets you apart from the competition. Do not make the header too large since it could cut down on it’s effectivesness.

The e-mail width will determine if it can be displayed in variety of readers including used by your recipients. In the coming years with the use of the smartphone and other mobile devices to view your emails.

The call to action – always include clear and prominent, whether it’s clicking on a link or to view more about the offer. You could also include a link to Website telling the full story.

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The color palette – keep it basic and use no more than three fonts and three main colors.

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