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Now small business can use the same strategies that larger companies use to segment their marketing database.

Small business can easily take advantage of simple list segmentation to optimize customer interactions based on past purchasing history.

Many e-mail service providers offer list segmentation tools that allow more targeted e-mail campaigns. Part of the problem is that many small businesses fail to follow-through with the task of creating list segments that will get the highest targeted e-mail campaigns.

Small business can leverage some simple segmenting options by using recent customer purchases, frequency of customer purchases and the dollar amount of customer purchases, the RFM method.

With the e-mail marketing metrics you are allowed to use even more marketing data to work with when testing simple marketing segments.

You can divide your database into 9 separate groups and the first three for recent purchasers that clicked or opened an email 6-12 months, 3-6 months and 0-3 months ago.

Than three for frequency that people have purchased or clicked on 1-3 times, 3-6 times and 6-12 times. Finally the following for monetary purchase. Define low-medium and high spending individuals.

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After that you take cross sections from each group for examples Segment 1, could be purchases in the last 0-3 months, frequency 6-12 times and monetary is high value. Segment 2, recent purchase from 3-6 months, frequency 3-6 times and monetary value medium and finally Segment 3, is recent purchase 6-12 months, frequency 1-3 times and monetary value is low.

Once you e-mail segments, track how they differently they react to messaging options. buy mailing lists Guaranteed Business Information

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