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Email marketing is now mainstream digital marketing

Email marketing continues to evolve and the old business models of batch and blast is far behind us and list segmentation and the new direct response marketing tool is Website analytics.

The Email Evolution Process

As part of this email evolution process email also seems to become the most subtle direct marketing channel. We are a gentler creature of the digital age.

The new age of email has evolved into targeting people who know and understand who we are and how we can bring value to their lives.

E-mail can be used in many business to business industries including metalworking tools, mining and construction equipment e-mail can be used to support customer  satisfaction and loyalty and to develop a stronger on going relationship.

E-mail is now being used to drive educational programs for online training the e-mail could have link-backs to Website for product demonstrations.

Customer behavior has changed

Marketers need to find out how their customers want to be engaged with.

E-mail can be an effective way to bridge to generate loyalty by providing helpful and timely information.

Email is good at taking the consultive approach and gives people what they need and in return they remain loyal to you.

The is the new age subtlety and the consultive sale and interject something of value to your customer base

Until next time, here is to your continued success!

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