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….Marketers typically focus on two areas: open rates and

It’s a reality that clever subject lines often lead to high open rates.

“Caution do not Read This E-mail,” “Did you know that your employer is reading this e-mail” are great examples of this kind of subject line.

These? And many of other subject lines like them?

Will drive up your open rates. That’s good news, right? So, what’s the problem?

There are a few problems.

First, is the pressure it puts on the marketer to create an equally clever and amusing campaign. A clever subject line that leads to a dull e-mail will fall flat.

Moreover, a clever subject line that leads to a hard-sell e-mail raises complaints.

What about clever e-mail campaigns? Do they perform well?

Clever subject lines and e-mail campaigns work best for borderline
spammers who are trying to entice people with whom they have either questionable or no relationships to open the e-mail.

But for CRM marketers, those who are deploying campaigns to their opt-in lists, the results driven by clever campaigns are typically disappointing and can increase both unsubscribes and complaints.

The main reason for their failure..

Is that e-mail campaigns need to have one very clear, very solid call to action, one that logically follows your business model.

Don’t bother trying to be clever since this can often detrack your proposition.

So if clever isn’t the answer, let’s define great.

Clarity and sense of purpose are what make a great subject line and great e-mail.

The call to action..

In a great e-mail campaign is clear after one second of viewing, and it is an expected next step after reading the subject line.

Subject line: Early Bird Special on New Spring Arrivals E-mail message: Spring arrivals are now in stock.

As an early bird subscriber, you get the best selection and free shipping
when you order this week. Link: Takes you directly to the spring arrival page (with a personalized welcome to the early bird subscriber, when possible)

This is a clear subject line that is followed through in the e-mail. It is followed by a single message that is not cluttered with secondary offers or distracting images.

It respects the subscribers’ time by letting them know immediately
the promise the marketer is making to them, and step by step it follows up on the promise.

Less is more in this case, and it is the most effective way to deploy your e-mail strategy. Your customers will not get bored with your subject lines; in fact, they will appreciate your clarity and take actions when appropriate, exactly as you plan.

You are showing your subscriber that you know exactly what you are doing and take your subscribers seriously; that, in other words, you don’t have to be clever to win their business!

Gimmicks can only get you so far.

Building solid relationships through transparency, make-a-promise/keep-a-promise behavior, and outstanding customer support are the best ways to create, deploy and return ROI on your next e-mail campaign.

To create a great e-mail campaign, eliminate the noise and get to the point. Your customers and your bottom line will both react positively.

Until next time, here is to your continued success!


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