Crafting your E-mail Campaign from Your CRM

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The first step in this process starts with selection

There are many ways you can select the recipients for your e-mail campaign. In a CRM you already have.

Lists in the Leads, Accounts, and Contacts areas

Lists that were created from Advanced Find queries that target specific leads, accounts, or contacts

Relevance and affinity to the offer is critical for email campaigns

Sending the right message to the right person at the right time.

The best way to accomplish the relevance is by leveraging data, But when you do have access to data through a CRM system, the possibilities are endless, which also can be counter-productive in trying to get a program under way.

Instead of getting overwhelmed, focus on the following three key areas when integrating your e-mail program with your CRM processes:

Frequency of contact

Don’t contact too frequently, having a firm understanding of how frequently your customers are being contacted, with what message and through
what channels, try to personalize the message from segmenting your database for your e-mail programs.

Is achieved in a number of ways—and timing, the right timing, is one of them. It is a reasonable expectation that your e-mail recipients may be more inclined to receive additional e-mail from you when they are highly engaged with your product.

Trying to recognize their needs and concerns with something thoughtful like a discount on their birthday or special holiday and you develop touch points:

Segmenting by demographics

Leveraging the data available to you through your CRM tool to identify subsets of audiences within your database is another great place to integrate your e-mail with your CRM program.

If you can seperate age demographics into segments like lifestyle groups like baby-boomers verses Generation x you could leverage that data to drive offers and incentives to motivate with offers that are relevant only to that segment,

When dialing into your CRM system, another great way to apply available data is to drive your content.  But when you look at your audience.

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