Consumers Demand Personalized E-mail Lists

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More than half…

of US consumers said they would be more responsive to e-mails from marketers if they were more personalized and highly-targeted.

That is among the key findings of a new report issued from e-mail service providers

According to the report for E-mail Marketers

Consumers Demand Relevance, 64% of consumers want marketers to know the types of products or services they like; 54% want marketers to know whether the consumer is a new or returning customer and 36% want marketers to know their shopping habits.

In addition, 85% of surveyed consumers want companies to ask about their e-mail preferences at registration.

Consumers have clearly indicated, according to the experts that they will reward marketers for personalized, preference-driven messages
with their engagement.

E-mail marketers…

Need to capture information that allows them to get to know their subscribers better, group director of strategic services for e-Dialog, in an e-mail.

They need to stop looking at e-mail as a tool for a quick sale and instead look at it as a way to build more profitable and enduring customer relationships.

2,000 consumers were polled in an online survey, which took place during the first quarter of 2010.

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