Companies Increasing E-mail use in 2010

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There will be more companies using e-mail this year to prospect and uncover new sales leads.

Because of the great opportunities to increase ROI and targeting capabilities.

Clean and Segment to Lift Response

Cleaning lists before plaaning e-mail blast campaigns will increase response rate and save money and time in the long run. You need to carefully segment your active lists from inactive, prospects and current customers with suppress files that purge current customers from prospective customers.

In other words don’t send new acquistion mailings to customers that you are already serving, this seems rather obvious but it’s easy to overlook this error.

Think about how many times you’ve opened up the mail to find incredible benefits simply for activating a new credit card account. The problem is you are already a credit card member. Don’t they already know this? After all, you are sending them money every month.

And don’t get me started on how many times my cable company has offered me incredible new customer deals despite being a customer for over ten years.

Don’t shoot yourself in the foot

How do you think it makes your customers feel? Segmenting active from inactive or customer from prospective customer will add more ccrediability to your mailing. They want to feel special and appreciated. How do you think it makes your customers feel?

They don’t want to feel like just another mindless mailing by a uncaring direct marketer. They want to feel special and appreciated.
The difference between an unhappy customer and a loyal customer is how you interact with them.

Unfortunately, sending acquisition campaigns to current customers is all too common and is the type of marketing strategy that could end up costing you clients.

Cleanliness helps response

scrub your prospect list to remove current customers, opt-outs or unsubscribes, and any other list of individuals that doesn’t meet your target criteria. It’s incredibly simple and the benefits include:

  • Improvement in response rates. Customers are highly unlikely to respond to an offer for something they’ve already purchased.
  • Not upsetting your customers and thus protecting your business and brand. This is critical: have respect for your customers and know who they are.
  • Removes duplicates. Scrubbing your lists can also remove duplicates.
  • Reduces costs. Depending on the medium you’ll likely save money by sending communications to those you intended them for.

Perhaps you’re utilizing third parties, ad networks or affiliate networks to help expand your marketing reach, and you don’t want to share your sensitive customer data. That’s very smart – both utilizing third parties and worrying about your data. The good news is you can use third parties and networks and never share your
sensitive customer data.

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E-mail compliance companies offer a range of email list security options that protect your data as well as help comply with federal data privacy laws like theCAN-SPAM Act. The primary means to protecting e-mails lists is list scrubbing or list hashing.
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