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Direct Marketing Strategies

The big ideas..Integrated, customer personalized email marketing.

Many direct marketers know that they must integrate channels to succeed in today’s competitive environment

Business to Business Direct Marketing

In 2009, Business-to-Business marketers recognize that increased volume doesn’t necessarily translate to increased sales or retention. To drive performance, you must refine your tactics to make each e-mail contact profitable.

Segment your business to business lists

When content is tailored based on segmentation strategies, response to e-mails increases by 70 percent. Some ideas for segmentation include: demographics/geographics; title, function, department; RFM; profile data; and status (new, active or lapsed).

Optimize your call to action elements.

Not every e-mail effort leads to a sale, but you always should be trying to interact with leads and customers. Use active language; promote limited and special offers; allow recipients to take action on your e-mail via e-mail, phone, printing the e-mail.

Build your customer relationship with personalization

Referencing the source of the e-mail sign-up, such as a trade show,  download on your Web site, co-registration partner. When the lead or customer remembers signing up for e-mail contact, he tends to respond more favorably to the welcome e-mail—which reduces your opt-outs and keeps him in contact with you longer.

Test behaviors that allow you to target messaging.

For example, you can identify gender, age, title and interest levels that indicate opportunities to send specific messaging to leads and customers to either salvage the relationship or move it to the next level in the sales funnel.

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