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My Starbucks reward program…

provides customized rewards that provides customized rewards based on frequency of visits.

This is clever marketing since it comes from the old school database marketing theory of always approaching the lowest hanging fruit in your active customer database of frequency, recently and amount of sale.


Segmenting frequent customers will assure a higher probability of sale if the offer and campaign is executed appropriately.  Starbucks is using this direct responser model for mobile customers through cell phone in real-time at their stores.

This gives Starbucks the opportunity to to connect with their customers and build loyalty, since many of their customers are early adopters or trendy and embrace new technologies like mobile direct response.

This program also works well with social networking like Facebook and Twitter and Starbucks recently introduced two new apps for the iPhone and iPod Touch.

With Starbucks success of these mobile apps they were able to further explore opportunities to  reach their best customers through mobile applications. Starbucks created special offers targeted for specific beverage products like Frappuccino and Fourscore with offers of a dollar off coupons, customers appreciate the connections with the brands they love, amd mobile presents an opportunity to do this.

Until next time, here is to your continued success!

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