Converting Leads by Showing Value

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Many marketers have good intentions about offering superior content and trusted information.

But few turn this information into leads or increased referrals. Some marketers are offering free information to help them make complex decisions.

These marketers are smart because they are taking action and taking their customers through the action phases.

Financial planners could provide value to their customers by providing them with educational content and providing their customers with answers to hundreds of financial questions.

The key is in delivering the correct information

that prospects need which leads to a comprehensive lead nurturing system. you must do this in a way that prompts customers to do what they already want to get involved in which is the process of buying your product or service.

You need to share answers about investing into a new financial product or plan to save for a college education that will lead to a mutually beneficial answer.

This information isn’t just passively sitting on your Website but it’s proactively getting the information to your key customers. Fining out your customers preferences this could be in Word, PDF via email or cell phone. You only are able to supply this information when you survey your prospects.

Communicate to your prospects that by doing this they will be saving money or avoiding costly mistakes. Offer your customers direct dial phone numbers where customers can get the answers they need.

You need to prove to your customers that you are adding value content with proper personalized follow-up.

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