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There’s different kinds of authors…

the kind that write a book and have no back-end, others that write a book to sell a product and the one’s that write one book and have no back-end.

So you can go to authors that have no back end and tie up the rights to use their buyers if they sell direct response either by direct mail or online. The topic of the book that people are buying is the lead for all kinds of other more expensive products or services.

Authors don’t know how to market

You can go to authors and make deals for their products that you could sell to other companies that are looking for value added products  something that will make them look different than the competition.

You match up the authors book with a product or service with the exact same synergy and it becomes the offer. If you write a book about sex and fitness, sell it as a premium to someone selling exercise equipment to middle aged baby-boomers. A book looking younger with whiter healthy teeth cold be sold to a dentist.

You can go to authors and make deals for products that you could sell to other companies who are looking for value added differentiating products.

Front end sellers

Investment products like tapes, podcasts and seminars these are all the front end are products and we find people selling investment books and newsletters and you would ti-up mailing list with attendees of financial seminars and the investment seminar buyers we would make available to people that sell the books.

Reactivation is powerful

Every business that has buyers and sellers and a number of subscribers or members that lapsed and need reactivation. This becomes a separate profit center since you can reactivate so you’re trying to figure out who has a market or a list of buyers, prospects, members, subscribers, or email list enthusiasts that have made an impact and loyalty to the person.

Then you try  to find somebody who has a product or service that would be beneficial to that market and you have to make sure that the valued and desired.

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Author Biography: My professional direct marketing experience began in magazine circulation management from this I honed my skills in list purchasing, testing, and analyzing. I learned the importance of direct response planning and budget forecasting and most importantly, providing a follow-up with back-end analysis, fulfillment of orders and inquiries. I also gained some valuable job experience with Jackson National Life Insurance as Marketing Database/Direct Mail area and with Alumni Association of the University of Michigan as Membership Manager.

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