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Targeting Web ads using Credit Cards

Today’s Wall Street Journal published an article about how the two largest credit card-networks, Visa and Mastercard are using what they know about people’s credit card purchases for targeting them for online advertising.

For example a weight-loss  ad to a person that has swiped their card at a fast food joint and the company would then check to see if that person bought the advertised product.

Currently web technology can track a persons online behavior but not information tied to his identity or activities from other retail establishments.

The future of direct marketing includes appending personal information from DNA data bank and merge them with other profile and purchasing information to segment and target products and services in a suggestive way.

The Age of Direct Marketing

Mastercard is looking at selling information from credit card holders to advertising CEO’s to link Internet users to information about actual purchase behaviors for ad targeting.

Since credit card companies don’t collect names and addresses when processing credit card transactions makes it difficult to directly link people credit card activity to their online profiles.

Mastercard would be able to market detailed information into peoples lives that wouldn’t be available any where else. This information could be marketed in segments like these credit card purchasers would have the desire to travel, or diet.

Targeting Data

According to Visa patent applications they have the potential to use a wide variety of uses that include to create profiles that would be used for targeting well beyond shipping details and would include using information from social networks. Information from credit bureaus could also be appended to the user profiles along with Website information and DNA data banks with personal information.

Appending Personal Data

Marketers demand for detailed information related individuals is at an all time high. Over the past three years the personal data business with hundreds of companies tracking online behavior.


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There are a lot of list out there but there isn’t anything that would connect to the actual purchase transactions. This would take it a level that is even deeper, but there are privacy issues with financial institutions can use customer data.

What they would do instead is offer to sell direct marketers in analysis of “anonymous buying histories” to tailor the needs marketing executives.

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