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Marketing list prices were stable or finally showed some growth this year.

In comparison to Spring 2009 in most sectors according to Worldata’s Spring  2010 List Index.

The only area to decline was consumer e-mail lists which dropped in price by about 10%. This of course is good news to the list industry which they haven’t seen in a couple of years.

The industry is taking an optimist view, since we think the market has bottomed out and we hop the market is stabilizing.

Business to Business Lists

The permission based business to business category declined by about 3% since Spring 2009. But is still remains th highest price list category at $281/m.

The drop in price has nothing to do with the economy but more to do with the flood of new lists and sources in the market.

The newsletters category showed the largest growth since last year growing at over 2% in the last year. Donors, attendees and members and permission based international e-mail lists showed price growth over the year.

International e-mail grew when the economy when the US market began to decline a couple years ago. The price per thousand for this group is the most expensive at $408.

The higher prices are due to compliance with International law.

Until next time, here is to your continued success!

Until next time, here is to your continued success!


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