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Direct Marketing List

Direct mail is a means of promotion through one-on-one relationships to induce from the individual recipient either directly through on-line with e-mails lists or offline through direct mail marketing lists.

Lists both e-mail and direct mail come on the market through three main channels: Companies and individuals whose major activity is the list business:

  • List brokers
  • List
  • List managers
  • Marketing consultants (like me)

Companies whose major activity is chiefly mail order like publishers on the Web and offline through printed magazine, newsletter and data processing services that provide direct marketing services.

Printed source materials local, state and federal governments and publishers both online and off.

There are six major types of lists available through the three main channels:

  • Registered lists
  • Printed sourcesDirect Marketing Mailing List
  • Sources and online sources
  • Originally researched lists
  • Occupant lists
  • Mail or email responsive lists
  • Compilations

Lets take a closer look at each of the six types. (in order of least targeted, updated and cleaned to most)

Registration lists

Telephone directories are compiled consumer mass lists with over a 100 million land-line an cell phone listed phone numbers listed in the US alone. The phone that are missing are the upper income or consumers opting out of public listed phone numbers.

City directories

For over 3,000 cities and towns across the US local person to person canvas is made of each household which results in a city directory. These directories are canvassed and printed by direct marketing directory companies like R. L. Polk company.

Drivers licenses

Is the source one of the largest list, drivers licenses rather than one address and name per family you may have several registered vehicles per household. The total list of registered drivers is well over 200,000,000 in the US alone. You can select by name, gender and exact birth date great for segmenting demographics

Voters Registration

A source that is a little better than drivers licenses is voter registration, this provides the names of voters that don’t drive another lists within a list would party affiliation of voter.

Printed sources

Are considered better as far as more targeted and includes small niches and lifestyles like Rolling Stone or Sailing magazines. The publishers provide readership demographics of their readers and these circulation numbers are audited by advertising bureaus. They can provide great details about their readers like sweepstakes entrants, gift subscribers.

Researched lists

The two major compilers are school data college level and hospitals Dun @ Bradstreet and Standard and Poors use to individually queries  they make over 20,000 calls to school districts each year.

Occupant lists

In addition to the names and lists. local compilers, now band together to provide close to national average and provide complete area lists of households that can be addressed to each resident or occupant.

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