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Direct marketing

employing list brokers and mailing lists is still one of the most effective ways to reach potential new customers.


Because direct mail marketing allows you to target precisely the people who are most likely to buy your product, and to do it in a way that allows you to measure just how effective your message is.

If you’ve never purchased a mailing list before, a list broker can help you design a mailing list that will put your message in front of the best market for your product.

The offer is important..

offer an invaluable product for anyone who is in the business of selling a product or service-contact information for people who may be interested in that product or service. The offer is the need your target needs, find the affinity. Because the product they’re selling is lists, brokers understand all the ways to find people who may have purchased products or services like yours in the past, as well as those who are most likely to be in the market for them now.

Lists that Target Your Market

There are many kinds of mailing lists available through list brokers. The simplest is a broad mailing list of all the residents within a specific geographic area. You can break these down with Consumer going directly to a consumer or business to business going directly to a business address. With business to business you segment by title, industry, size of business or number of employees.

The following YouTube is excellent for finding mailing lists

A targeted mailing list is one that allows you to narrow the field of contacts to those that match your desired demographic. For example, newlyweds in Newark looking to purchase a home with a credit score above 600.

The more targeted your list is, the more you will pay for it up front, but the more likely your target market is to buy your product. In the end, you’ll usually end up paying less per actual sale than you would with a more general list.

The roots of my professional direct marketing experience began approximately 15 years ago I was lucky to gain some valuable experience from mentors that understood the importance of list selection and direct mail planning.

Direct response accountability is the competitive edge that drives direct marketing success. Measurability of each direct mail response helps small direct marketers analyze the cost per response with list coding and to calculate expenses to the cent. Budgets can be forecasted with greater accuracy. I can teach you how to update your promotions both online and off.

My professional direct marketing experience began in magazine circulation management from this I honed my skills in list purchasing, testing, and analyzing.

I learned the importance of direct response planning and budget forecasting and most importantly, providing a follow-up with back-end analysis, fulfillment of orders and inquiries. I also gained some valuable job experience with Jackson National Life Insurance as Marketing Database/Direct Mail area.

Allow me to help you implement your next strategic marketing plan focused on your niche. I will make the most of what you already have by analyzing your biggest strengths and exploiting your competition.

Timothy Little – Direct Marketing Consultant

Tim Little
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Find Targeted Lists Using List Broker

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