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The Response Rates of Personalized Cross-Media – Billions of email messages are received every year from direct mail, email, and other media, and the open conversion rates for direct . Customers—both potential and current—have become very fast at perceiving whether these messages are meaningful or relevant to them. Small business owners therefore need to use methods that quickly indicate relevant content in their messages, in order to capture those customers’ interest.

Direct Mail Mailing Lists

Well-designed and well-executed personalized marketing campaigns can have the ability to outpace the competition. Sounds convincing…but given the realities that define today’s tight economy, marketers need more than words that claim success.

In December 2008, the Direct Marketing Association emailed a survey to its members asking for an annual update of their practices and general experiences with direct marketing.

  • The goal of more than half of the marketers was to generate an order
  • The telephone was the most productive tool to produce the highest response rate of over 4%
  • Direct mail in-house list produce the highest response of about 4% with outside prospect lists producing less than 2%

Most direct marketers have a pretty good profile of who there customers are any they track these profiles with their databases or with direct mail survey by phone when they order online. Most marketers had experienced, at a minimum, better response rates with their personalized campaigns than their other programs.

Most marketers actively managing their marketing efforts through cross-media personalization, with the goal of leveraging information toward greater ROI and customer retention In 2010, nearly twice that number of companies expected to allocate 15 percent or more to personalized campaigns.

Most marketers know instinctively that personalization can increase response rates for direct mail. But there are very few concrete examples available that can tell a marketer how big the increase will be.

Email Lists For Sale

Email lists cultivated internally through opt-in online Website marketing will produce the best response rates since they found your Website through keywords typed into the search engines and converted through a free download or newsletter that is in the niche that they subscribed too.

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