Direct Mail Is Back

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Have you been paying any attention to your mailbox lately?

The reason… direct mail marketing is back and doing well and this indicates that direct marketers are getting better responses than in the past. This is good news for the USPS and everyone knows that they really need some good news these days.

Regardless of the communication channel, the function and objective of direct response remains the same after all these years—a means of commerce allowing businesses and nonprofits to showcase their products, services and needs directly to customers around the globe.

What has changed is the methods used to generate direct response like CRM programs and relationship management methods. Direct response channels continue to evolve, whether they are outbound channels carrying a brand message or response devices for placing one’s order.

Direct response has grown to include envelopes and selfmailers, postage-paid mail, toll-free numbers, direct response radio and TV infomercials, as well as a host of new emerging digital technologies, including email, banner ads, search, digital targeting, webcasts and videos, PURLs, and QR and other 2D codes, with many more yet to come.

The New Normal

Unlike in other economic downturns, the most recent had become a marketer’s new normal. Starting in 2007, as the US entered its own economic turmoil, marketers were faced with paper cost increases, fuel surcharges and multiple postage rate hikes. Many marketers had become more cost conscious, and, as a result, many made drastic cuts and budget reallocations to new lower cost digital channels. This resulted in significant decreases in direct mail spending, as evidenced by lower mail volumes from 2007-2009.

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