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During the next 40 years..

Japan and Europe will see working age populations shrink by about 30 million because of the fact that birth rates are low and so many of their people are already elderly.

China’s working age population will still keep growing for 15 years or so, this is the result of the one-child policy and the tendency of birth rates to fall as incomes rise.

China will have a 100 million fewer workers than it does today. Despite the Internet and multi national companies, global financial markets and the fact that we are many economies rather than someday having one giant world economy.

One in five Japanese and Europeans is over the age of 65. In 2050 it will be one in three. The Japanese and Europeans will almost have to work longer hours, take fewer vacations and pay more taxes.

For China the problems is to build social structures and retirement schemes to sustain a growing cadre of seniors won’t be able to rely much on their children.

India will have more time to adjust since it’s working population is likely to keep growing and its challenges is to adjust to the growing number of workers in the their 30s and 40s.

India is known for it’s unfair labor laws and will bring more women into the work force and invest in training and education. Demographics could add 3 more percentage points a year to economic growth.

For the US…

a growing population an openness to ambitious immigrants and trade could lift living standards and bring faster growth and reduce budget deficits far more easily for the US than other slower growing countries like Europe and Japan.

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