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Look to barber shops, online dating, public relations, and auto industry for new list prospects

According to Inc. magazine the latest Hot lists for start-ups in the coming year will be in the following growth areas for 2011.

The new growth in areas such as brick-and-mortar retail, boutique consulting firms, and education companies, industry data from three private research firms show.

“Analyzing and comparing data from firms Sageworks, IBISWorld, and on employment, profit growth, anticipated industry growth and a host of other factors, has pinpointed 17 industries that are not only growing, but are also ripe for new companies.

That’s due to factors favorable to start-ups, such as low-to-moderate industry competition and saturation, employment growth, and attainable average company size. You can see the complete methodology for information on the research firms consulted for data compiled to create this list,”

According to Inc. after years of growing unemployment, Americans are not only going back to school—trade schools and language schools both made the list—but also looking for, and finding, work. For help fining lists

Employment and recruiting agencies show promising growth. The housing bubble burst, and people stalled on major purchases, but today, both real estate appraisal and

Detroit is coming back automobile retailing are picking back up.

Wait there’s more…

Consumers are giving great care to their savings, as illuminated by the fast rate of growth predicted for financial planning services.

“According to, the cosmetology and barber schools (that educate salon-entrepreneur-hopefuls) grew at 29 percent last year, and nail salons grew at 9 percent.’s reporting shows an industry with a low barrier to entry for salons and barber shops.

Pair that with a recent resurgence in barbershop nostalgia—and with a return to beauty-service spending by consumers—and it’s a perfect storm for rapid growth in the salon and beauty industry.

Bring on the beauty start-ups. Not so disconnected from the growth in personal pampering is clothing accessory stores, which show a 9 percent year-over-year growth rate, according to That’s due to the allure of affordable luxury for shoppers.”

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