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Analytics help marketers adapt their Website to customer behavior

Direct marketing is about measuring, it’s about always making your conversions and response rates higher. Direct marketing is about making gradual improvements to your landing pages to improve your conversion rates and sell.

If the great recession teaches us anything it will it will teach us to measure what’s working or not working and maximize the value of our Website.

Marketers are relying on Web analytics to move beyond simple brand building to turn traffic into relationships and leads to sales.

Some marketers are fine-tuning their Web analytics to focus on measuring which activities generate leads that convert sales.

Consulting companies that guarantee to improve conversion rates are only paid when they generate a sale.

This is performance based consulting…

so you must be laser focused to convert customer traffic into leads that buy.

Web statistics such as page views, site visits, bounce rates and average time spent on Website are great for determining content on the site that is best engaging visitors and driving them to register and contact the company.

As a business the job of your Website is to sell

In the old days the relationship building was important to the sales rep. Today the relationship building can be automated to stay cost competitive in your marketing niche.

Web analytics will drive change…

Web analytics can be useful in determining what Website content is engaging to users and what is not. From this information you make changes to improve conversion rates. Web analytics deliver results in real time based on metrics including external search engine results from targeted keywords.

Web analytics direct marketing is about generating traffic than measuring and improving your design to convert traffic to targeted leads and eventually sales.

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Timothy Little – Marketing Consultant with over 15 years of successful direct mail and database marketing experience!

Service Description

* We will customize and write a strategic marketing plan based on your competitive edge and Unique Selling Proposition
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Marketing plan development with a focus on your unique selling proposition including market needs, demographics, analysis, strategy, break-even analysis and marketing budget. I have innovative database techniques to increase response rates with testing and analysis.

Telephone: Call (313) 269-9951

Email address: Tim G. Little

References and Project Portfolio will be Provided on Request

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