OneSource iSell Delivers a Continuous flow of Hot Prospects

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Directly to Sales Professionals

This is a new technology that OneSource iSell enables Sales Teams to Dramatically Improve Sales Productivity and Increase Revenue

OneSource iSell, a personalized sales intelligence solution that takes the prospecting out of sales by finding, prioritizing and delivering the hottest
prospects directly to sales professionals.

OneSource iSell transforms prospecting by helping salespeople focus their prospecting efforts on accounts that are most likely to buy.

Prospects are prioritized continuously for each salesperson based on relevance to their territory or focus area, depth of information available to quickly reach the right decision maker and changes or events called looking for employment changes by management.

Engage Customers

iSell also provides compelling talking points sales professionals can use to gain the interest of potential prospects during those crucial first few moments of a prospecting call.

The increase of social networks, blogs, and web media creates a challenge for sales professionals. On the one hand these can offer some useful nuggets for sales prospecting.

But on the other, it can take a lot of searching and mining to find the
right information. Customers and prospects expect salespeople to do their homework so it is critical to find a way to search these sources efficiently.

iSell was developed so that sales professionals can spend more time selling to the best prospects, rather than sifting through information from multiple websites,the personalization capabilities, as well as providing the best possible content.

OneSource iSell is powered by OneSource’s LiveContent Platform, which combines information from more than 50 premium content suppliers and thousands of information feeds including social media sources.

Live  Content goes far beyond simply aggregating information; it selects the most accurate data from each source so sales get the best content fused into a
single record.
For example, an iSell contact profile can combine a biography from Infogroup with an e-mail address from NetProspex and a photo from a corporate website.

This breakthrough product represents another example of Infogroup’s commitment to leading the way as it relates platform technology in the marketing and sales solutions arena.

Infogroup’s focus on new products and services are designed to

continually improve client effectiveness. For more information about Infogroup’s OneSource iSell visit

Until next time, here is to your continued success!


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