Is Facebook A Waste Of Time?

July 4, 2012 by
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Is advertising on Facebook a lot of hype and are you wasting your time and money?

Many direct marketers are asking this question. Over the last month came the bad news over disappointing Facebook IPO following the announcement that GM was pulling its Facebook advertising because of its ineffectiveness.

This is the new backlash against social media marketing.

This maybe the new era in social media marketing where email marketing is becoming more popular and social media marketing maybe on it’s way out.

Investing in social media marketing maybe a trend that is on it’s way out at least for a while until you can measure an return on investment, like you can with any other advertising channel.

The current situation with Facebook and advertising maybe a passing trend and many new advertisers may prove that you can indeed make a profit by getting your prospects to hit the like button.

Facebook advertising

Up until a few months ago social marketing was the trendy advertising channel that many direct marketers we’re using. The changing technology is effecting direct marketers since the poor economy is making it more difficult to squeeze profits and response rates from the overwhelmed Business to Business prospects.

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I analyze competition to find their weaknesses and optimize my strengths. My experience includes finding leads, testing landing pages with Google AdWords, WordPress Web development and offline with list procurement, database marketing and direct mail expertise.

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