How to Improve Direct Mail Lead Quality

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Finding Quality not Quantity

If you’re generating plenty of leads with direct mail programs, but you get complaints from sales that they don’t like the quality of the sales leads. This could be the reason:

No offer or non-relevant offer.

If you’re not making a compelling offer to your target group. If your leads seem less qualified look at improving or changing your offer Ideally, offers should appeal to prospects who at minimum are experiencing the problem that your product should solve.

Try to test different campaign channels

Pay-per-click campaings many times can generate many leads but without testing the quality you may discover that many are un-qualified and a higher proportion of unqualified leads.

Direct response marketing campaigns such as email generate fewer leads, but more highly qualified responses on average.

If your conversion rate from raw inquiry to qualified opportunity or sale isn’t what it should be, it could be that you need to test better programs.

Follow-up, Follow-up, follow-up!

If you’re generating a significant number of leads each month, if your sales force is “cherry picking” leads and leaving most to die a lonely death in your CRM database, or if your leads just aren’t converting to sales as they should, it may be time to implement a lead follow-up system.

With such a system in place, you can send only qualified leads (leads that meet a set of pre-defined criteria) to the sales force, and for the rest, automatically trigger a series of email communications that will serve to further profile and qualify those prospects.

Communicate with your sales team

Most companies keep their sales force informed of direct marketing
programs by sending each rep a sample of the campaign. Rarely, however, do marketing managers provide information that details the objective of the campaign and more importantly, how the sales rep should approach follow-up calls.

Were the sales reps to have understood that strategy?

Their follow-up calls might have commenced with questions about the prospect’s needs or the need rather than “And they would have uncovered more genuine leads as a result.

“Make sure your sales people know your marketing intent and process as well as your products and services. Write and say a compelling ‘reason for my call.’”

Until next time, here is to your continued success!


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