How To Grow Your Business Exponentially “Direct Marketing Leads”

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How to grow your business with direct marketing…..

By leveraging your assets safely this comes from analyzing, measuring, identifying and then replacing certain underperforming aspects of your selling, marketing, advertising or operations.

The first step is to think about what could be under-performing in your business?

  • The sales person or people in your business
  • Is it your advertising online/offline
  • Is it your direct mail or e-mail campaigns

If the sales person/people are under-performing than you need to look at the presentation and find out why it isn’t closing the sale. They could be working hard calling on the wrong unqualified prospects. Unless you have a compelling proposition (unique selling proposition) they could be calling on the wrong prospects and not having any type of proposition that sets you apart from the hundreds of other competitors.

The wrong advertising – This maybe under-performing because of the wrong offer or the wrong headline or no headline at all. You need to test these elements to make sure that the synergy is right for your target market. Your first statement headline or unique selling proposition must be the first thing everyone sees on your Website, direct mail piece, newspaper advertising or mobile coupon ad. This should be the first statement a sales person makes when cold-calling. This statement needs to be powerful and compelling. This is what your prospect will receive for using your product.

Articulate results…

The outcome is very self-serving to the end user (customer) and what advantage do they need to see for themselves. The clearer and more powerful you are at expressing, articulating, demonstrating, illustrating and comparing the more business you will get.

How do you achieve this level of articulation?

Through testing, analyzing, measuring, identifying and then replacing certain underperforming aspects of your business. You can start by analyzing the lifetime value of your average customer since retaining your customers is one of the most powerful things you can do to improve your profitability.

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Seldom will direct mail, email, mobile or seminar types of campaign pay for themselves upfront you must do this by developing a back-end product that you can use to re-sell and keep customers for life. If you can sell the same many items to the prospect of the course of a lifetime than you will be growing your business in exponential ways with direct marketing leads.

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Author Biography: By Timothy Little – Publisher
After earning my business degree 30 years ago, I was involved in strategic planning, brand management, corporate identity management, e-commerce, Web site management, direct marketing, advertising, corporate communications, financial database marketing and direct response analysis.
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