Four Questions To Qualify Your Prospect

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To make sure that you’re speaking with the real prospect that is actually ready to buy and not a tire kicker or someone that is just gathering information to purchase the same service/product from your competition you need to ask four questions.

Does the prospect have a burning need now or just a mild want?

Unless the customer sees you as a solution to their problem, it is unlikely that you will sell something and to set an appointment without finding a current need can be a big waste of time and gas.

Is this a fast tract situation or not?

Find out ahead of time if prospect will need this soon or at a later time. If he doesn’t need it until the end of the year than he doesn’t qualify as a hot prospect and will need to be qualified again at a later date. Maybe there just gathering information and they have no intention of ever buying anything.

What is the status of their current vendor relationship?

Maybe the customer is just getting bids to keep the current vendor from over charging them and want to make sure their getting the best price possible.

Do You Have A Compelling Message?

Have you offered a solution customized to their specific needs? A one size fits well no longer will cut it with customers in this hyper competitive marketplace. You must make yourself unique and set your self apart from the competition. When you customize services that only fits the needs of your customer you force them to only come to your for a solution rather than trying to get a better price from your competitors.

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