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Direct mail campaign supported by a telephone call

Some insurance companies market their life and health coverage products to professional associations as well as affinity groups that would offer insurance products to it’s members.

The strategy is to target groups that currently don’t offer insurance products to its members and others that would offer your company as an alternative.

Segmenting the lists

Separate the list by income, size and by membership one could be a group of associations with no current offerings against another small list that are potential insurance prospects that may switch carriers.

In the insurance industry it is difficult to sell a insurance product without meeting with your prospect face to face.  The solution is to create an invitation to each contact to meet personally for a brief talk over a cup of coffee with a key sales expert.

With a caption that “the best things in life are free” with a $5 gift card from Starbucks proclaimed to the gift holder with the offer that they could relax while discovering how to get the most out of their group portfolio.

The mailing of a free gift like the Starbucks certificate for $5 has a way of making feel the recipient feel a little guilty. This invitation becomes a start to a little dialogue.

The cover letters are tailored to each of the two target groups stressing the value and offering additional member benefits and the other urging a re-evaluation of the current insurance providers.

This can be refined to include a series of communications including e-mail, Website and phone call follow-up.

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