Integration Of Your Unique Selling Proposition – Marketing Strategy

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This is the compelling reason why someone should do business with you!

This is what sets your company apart, what makes your company unique from all of the competition, and it’s so important because there are so many different kinds of businesses/Websites selling the exact same product or service.

You need to discover something that will differentiate your business  from your competition.  The reason you do this is because your customers may not perceive a reason that’s different to do business with you.

In Today’s Economy…

they’re only going to shop price, and they’re only going to go to the lowest price seller, and they’re only going to watch for the ads that give them the lowest price.

The business owner and his staff need to get their perspective of the Unique Selling Proposition, develop marketing systems to get the message out to your customer or prospective customer on the phone or sales floor, marketing pieces, Website and email or a report that will articulate what your USP maybe.

The next thing you do is call some of your  customers on the phone after pulling their phone numbers off your customer list, survey customers, and get the customers’ perspective of what it is they like about your company and why because they’re shopping for some reason.

They’re coming to the store/Website for some reason, and you want to know what it is. They may be going to another store/Website as well, and we want to know that. They shop with you rather than the competition.

The second thing we did was make sure that message gets integrated into all of their marketing.

If your a retailer it starts first with the sales people on the floor. So, we did some training to make sure we got scripting into their sales presentations. So, when people come into the store, the first thing that they’re telling your customer is why they’re shopping there at the store.

For a retailer with a huge selection and high quality this could be your USP we  have the largest selection of these higher end, better quality, clothing lines.

Integrate USP into your marketing message

Integrating the USP into the current selling and marketing processes. That’s where this was because the phone ringing was his current process. So, we got somebody to answer that phone, integrate and give the scripting of USP over the phone, and he started to close more of his yellow page calls.

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Direct Marketing Ideas

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Implementing and testing

New ideas into your professional sales process can increase your marketing assets exponentially.

One idea is all one needs to achieve great success for example by setting goal this year to always ask for referrals after every sales presentation could double your bottom line profits without spending another penny on advertising or sales leads.

In one appointment you could possibly get 10 referrals that could lead to 3 sales or an extra several hundred or several thousand dollars to your bottom line profit.

You maybe just one idea from a huge breakthrough in your career or business.

Develop Your Testimonial Book

One technique you can use in your sales process is a testimonial book. Your sales testimonial book is the tool to use to close your sales. It works because one of the most powerful ways to influence someone is with a testimonial from a third party. This is why major advertisers pay celebrities millions of dollars to endorse products.

You don’t have to pay anyone to endorse you. You simply go to a satisfied customer and ask them for a written endorsement. Keep you testimonial folder inside your presentation folder along with your awards, honors and photo’s you collected.

Going back to past clients and making them other offers, try to cross-sell or up-sell new products or services. Since you developed a rapport, trust with them. Using direct mail, e-mail or phone would be the best ways to develop a new relationship with clients.

Write down you goals this year

Write sales goals with a written action plan and time table for achieving your personal goals. Almost everyone agrees setting goals is important if you are trying to achieve success in your business or career but few people every do this.

Clearly define what you want. The most successful people in the world clearly define their goals. It’s not enough to say, “I want to make more money.” Clearly define how much more you would like to make, and precisely how you’ll do it.

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Lifetime Value When Acquiring New Lists

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The most powerful and most under-utilized method for acquiring new customers is through referrals, but most companies don’t pursue referrals.

Increase Profits Without Spending Money on Acquiring New Lists

For generations companies have witnessed the magic and power of satisfied customers referring products or services. Few companies ever pursue referrals and fewer have tested and improved internal systems for attracting referrals.

In most industries the cost of acquiring new customers will cost them 4 times as much as retaining the customers they already have or through developing an effective referral system with current customers.

Many marketers talk of lifetime value but fewer are calculating it and using it in their marketing strategy when they purchase new lists for direct marketing campaigns. Not knowing your customer lifetime value could be hurting your long-term marketing profits.

Once you understand your customer lifetime value you will always use it in your annual marketing plan. Lifetime value definition is the net present value of the profit you will realize on average new customer during a given number of days. There are many things that can cause lifetime value to change, and some of this is under your control.

Your marketing strategy should be to determine how many customers stay with you 3 years or longer as far as a percentage. If you are able to control and improve this percentage each year,  your profits can triple without spending more money to acquire new customers.

If your marketing strategy is to greatly increase profits without spending more money on advertising than your focus on improving customer referrals during the sales process each month. Look at the long-term lifetime value of your customers and how this can triple your bottom line profits without spending money on new acquisition.

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