Where do You Get a Mailing List From?

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So where do you get the list from?

There are many companies which act as brokers. They are experts who handle the mailing lists of many companies and deal with the inquiries and orders for the rental of these lists by others.

The list broker can help you in finding a legitimate list that isn’t something that is copied from the Internet. Rather an active group of prospects with an interest in a niche.

Often they specialize in a particular area such as health products etc so pick one that offers lists in your own niche.

Note that in nearly every case you can only rent the list and not buy it and normally you only rent it for ONE mailing only. Why? Lists are very valuable commodities and once you have a worthwhile list 5,000 names are a set standard minimum for most list managers.

You can rent out your list via a broker. You get paid for the hire of your list (by the broker) and the broker takes an agreed percentage as his/her commission. This is usually around 20% since many people first test a list this amount is usually small. For the best Business to Business lists

Detecting inappropriate use

All lists are “seeded” That means that at least one address will have a hidden code in it, perhaps with different initials each time and this particular address goes to a “friend” of the broker. If the same “change” is used twice they will know the list has been used again. Sneaky or what?? And you will be barred!

The Better Lists

With the better response lists like magazine subscribers or customers that purchased high ticket items.

You will have to submit an example of your advertisement to the broker who will in turn contact the list owner to get approval to loan out their list. The reason for this is that the list owner is only too happy to hire out the list to someone who is offering a different product in the same niche as their own.

However they will not want to see a product which is in direct competition to their own offered. For example if you are offering information products about oriental cooking then you wouldn’t wish to loan your list to a person specialising walleye fishing. That is too close to your products. For Great Business to Business Lists be sure to check B2B Data Group for counts

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